What We Learned – Part 3

Koreshan 013

Yesterday’s weather—finally some blue sky.

Writing a weekly blog is almost like a job, and not just any job but one with a deadline every week.  To make matters worse, the past two weeks we made two trips to Gainesville, FL for a:

  • chiropractic adjustment,
  • heart ablation,
  • mammogram,
  • skin cancer removal, and
  • haircut.

Everything went well (Ed’s haircut looks good) but these trips, along with continued lousy winter weather, have almost eliminated any blogworthy outdoor activities.  So, to meet this week’s deadline, here are some random things we have learned on our trip.

  • Cereal is a competitive businessEd likes Crispix cereal that is made by Kelloggs and is essentially a combination of Corn Chex and Rice Chex, which are currently made by General Mills.  In our travels we also have found that almost every grocery store chain produces imitation Crispix—here is the original and three imitations:

Cereal Collage

Crispix and its imitators—the imitation hexagons typically are not as geometrically perfect as Crispix but they all taste pretty much the same.

  • Libraries attract some strange people.  We love libraries—we often use their Wifi to post our blogs—but we frequently run into some odd characters.  Recently a couple next to us was looking for videos and the woman was obviously inebriated, stumbling backwards and almost onto our table.  At another library, Patty sat down at a table next to an 82-year old woman so she could use the electrical outlet.  The woman proceeded to tell Patty her life story, in a very loud voice, including the fact that her husband had died of Parkinson’s disease.  She also provided Patty with the helpful tip that men who have more orgasms at a younger age are less prone to Parkinson’s. (Who knew?)    
  • Americans everywhere are bad driversThe one nice thing about pulling an Airstream is that driving is relatively stress-free—we stay in the right lane and do not exceed the speed limit.  Unfortunately, no matter where we are, we watch the rest of the traffic speeding, tailgating, talking on the phone, passing on the right, etc.  And why is everyone in such a hurry?  If even 1% of these people were actually late for something really important, we would be amazed.
  • Patty likes white winePatty never drank wine before this trip but, due to our many winery visits, she is now a fan of white wine.  We know that probably no one is interested in this fact but please keep it in mind in case we visit (she prefers Pinot Grigio).

We stayed last week at Hillsborough River State Park, located northwest of Tampa.  The main attraction of the park is the river which is a nice spot for canoeing and kayaking, as long as you don’t mind the many alligators.  However, due to the bad weather, we did something even more risky than kayaking with alligators—we went to see a movie at a Tampa movie theater.   Due to recent events, we did take the following precautions:

  • We went to a PG-13 movie matinee (would anyone take a concealed weapon to Saving Mr. Banks?)
  • We kept our cell phone muted and hidden
  • We did not purchase anything that could be perceived as a weapon, like popcorn

Our precautions paid off and we even enjoyed the movie—Tom Hanks was very good, as always, and Emma Thompson was great.

We did get in one hike at Hillsborough River—here are some photos.

Hillsborough River 001

Patty on a bridge over the Hillsborough River

Hillsborough River 005

Rapids on the Hillsborough River—not quite suitable for white-water kayaking but, hey, this if Florida.

“If a man walks in the woods for love of them half of each day, he is in danger of being regarded as a loafer. But if he spends his days as a speculator, shearing off those woods and making the earth bald before her time, he is deemed an industrious and enterprising citizen.”–Henry David Thoreau


5 thoughts on “What We Learned – Part 3

  1. Your strategy for the movies was well advised and I’m glad Patty came over to the dark side and drinking wine!


    MFT having home office is good and bad. Right now, mostly bad because I do not have all technology set up (should be completed today) to communicate with outside world (mainly scanning docs) but too many food or surfing internet temptations.

    Take care and hello from 19 Canvasback..

  2. You make me think that Florida roads are safer that FL libraries and movie theaters! We didn’t find that to be the case when we were there in December but then we didn’t go in any libraries or movie theaters that time. Florida drivers on the other hand are nuts! Nice post.

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