All in the Family

Week 25 Xmas 011

Our Christmas week routine has become well-defined over the years—flying to Washington, DC for Christmas Eve with Ed’s family and then driving to New Jersey for Christmas dinner with Patty’s family.  It’s a hectic week but it’s always fun to visit with our relatives and to enjoy eating all the things we try to avoid eating the rest of the year.

We want to thank Ed’s sister Nancy and her husband Craig who hosted the Christmas Eve get-together, and Patty’s sister Cynthia and her husband Jim who hosted Christmas dinner. Both events were great family celebrations.

Unlike the series of problems described in our previous two blogs, this week went very smoothly with no new illnesses or other major mishaps.  Of course, we had left our Airstream in Florida so we were living all week in the relative luxury of Hampton Inns—except for the substance that passes for eggs in their free breakfasts, a pretty nice place to stay.

One of the highlights of the week was visiting Wallington, New Jersey where Patty’s Dad, Jules, grew up.  They have a monument there that lists the names of all the residents of the town who served in World War II, including Jules who served on a destroyer in the south Pacific.  We also got some great pastrami sandwiches from a local market that has not changed much in 70 years, still selling mostly Polish food and the employees still speaking mostly Polish.

After a week of almost constant human interactions, Ed is looking forward to the peace and quiet of kayaking on a Florida river.  We arrived yesterday at Oscar Scherer State Park, south of Sarasota for two weeks of rest and relaxation. We should definitely have some new nature photos for next week’s blog but, until then, here are some photos of humans interacting.

Week 25 Xmas 001

Lindsay, Ed, Betty (Ed’s Mom), Adrienne and Al make Christmas cookies—a new family tradition.

Week 25 Xmas 004

The finished Norwegian Sandbakkelse or Sand Tarts–a simple sugar cookie but they taste great.

Week 25 Xmas 005

Lindsay and Grandma

Week 25 Xmas 007

Patty and Adrienne

Week 27 Wallington 006

The War Memorial in Wallington, New Jersey

Week 27 Wallington 008

Patty with sisters Eleanor and Denise and father Jules at the Memorial

Asheville Update—we have not received any photos of our house under construction except one in November showing trees being cleared. It turns out the county requested a few changes to the subdivision infrastructure so the building permits were held up and no further construction has occurred. It now looks like we may be on the road until June or a total of one year—we may not want to camp for several years after this trip is over.


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