What We Learned – Part 2

Week 24 St. Augustine 005_crop

This week we learned one thing—we can’t put out much of a blog when one of us is very sick.  This is because:

  1. the person who is sick (in this case Ed) is generally useless, and
  2. we do nothing particularly blogworthy (unless you would like to hear about our trip to the emergency clinic).

Ed came down with bronchitis early last week in South Carolina as we headed south and is still trying to recover.  We camped most of the week at Anastasia State Park near St. Augustine, FL, one of our favorite parks with a nice beach and areas for kayaking.  Except for the trip to the clinic, Ed never left the campsite.

Patty’s primary goal for the week was not to get sick herself, a challenge when you’re stuck in a 25-foot tin can with your hacking, infected spouse.  As a result, she spent much of the week shopping (which Ed would not have done and Patty really enjoyed) and generally avoiding being confined with Ed.  Ed usually takes the photos for the blog but here’s one that Patty took this week:

Week 24 St Augustine 001

The beach at Anastasia State Park, which Ed never saw this week

That’s it for this week’s blog—hopefully the condition of both Ed and our blog will be much improved by next week.


5 thoughts on “What We Learned – Part 2

  1. Feeling very sympathetic, since I began getting sick the Friday BEFORE Thanksgiving and am still finishing the Ceftin. Ended up with an infected lymph node.which manifested in a lovely swollen right jaw! Feel better, Ed and follow doctor’s (and Patty’s) orders! See you Christmas Eve!!

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