Half-way Home?

Week 19 Edisto 033

The results are in from our last blog’s poll of whether we should plan our retirement years to “burn out” or to “rust”.  Admittedly, it was not a highly scientific survey (burning out just sounds better than rusting) but the poll indicated that 92% of voters favored that we burn out. We also received several comments including the suggestion that we should alternate between more extreme activities (burn out) and those that are more relaxing (rusting).  In reality, this is obviously what we will do, with Ed arguing for burning out and Patty favoring rusting.  Just as the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate work so effectively together, we will compromise to come up with a lifestyle that is acceptable to both of us.

We reached a milestone of sorts this week—it was our 137th day of living in our Airstream, which is the half-way point in our current trip that is scheduled through March 15.  Of course, our schedule assumes that our house in Asheville will be ready in mid-March and, as of today, construction of our house has not begun.  So we may have more than another 137 days to go but at least this milestone was an excuse to celebrate (White Russians in mid-week!).

In keeping with our blog theme, here is a summary of where we have been “livin’ in our trailer down by” for the last 19 weeks:

  • 6  Lakes (man-made)
  • 1  Lake (natural)
  • 5  Driveways (of friends and relatives)
  • 4  Rivers
  • 3  Forests
  • 2  Mountains
  • 2  Gorges
  • 1  Prairie (No we did not go to Kansas—the prairie is just south of Gainesville, FL)
  • 1  Beach

The one beach we have lived by is Edisto Beach in South Carolina where we stayed this week.  It is a very nice state park south of Charleston with great access to the beach and marshlands for kayaking.  When we were deciding where to live after retirement, we considered moving to Fernandina Beach in Florida but the hottest summer on record made us decide to move to the mountains. However, watching the sunrises and sunsets this week has (almost) made Ed have second thoughts.  Here are some photos that show why the beach is not a bad place to be.

Week 19 Edisto 002_Crop

Patty ponders her next Scrabble move while the sun sets next to our camp site

Week 19 Edisto 004

The sun sets over the marshland

Week 19 Edisto 021

Sunrise on Edisto Beach on a calm morning—several dolphins were swimming up and down the coast.

Week 19 Edisto 001

Ed kayaking in the ocean just off the state park campground

Week 19 Edisto 012

Patty rusting relaxing on Edisto Beach

Week 19 Edisto 005

The start of another beautiful morning on Edisto Beach (Part 1)

Week 19 Edisto 023

The start of another beautiful morning on Edisto Beach (Part 2)

Week 19 Edisto 028

The start of another beautiful morning on Edisto Beach (Part 3)

Week 19 Edisto 042

Patty kayaking on Big Bay Creek

Week 19 Edisto 043

A bald eagle that we saw while kayaking—we also paddled with a dolphin.

Week 19 Edisto 001A

Ed was washing Patty’s wet shoes after it rained overnight when this guy fell out of one of them. We can only imagine what a great blog story it would have been if she had put on her shoe with him inside.

Charleston is about an hour from Edisto Beach and it’s a great city to visit with a large historic district with buildings dating from before the Revolutionary War.  We parked our car and spent an entire day walking around the city and also visiting Fort Sumter by boat.  Fort Sumter is OK–it was mostly destroyed in the civil war and never rebuilt–but the historic district is beautiful and well worth the visit.  We didn’t take a lot of photos (we forgot our camera) but here’s one taken with our phone.


Patty in Charleston where they really believe in preserving the past

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