It’s a Dog’s Life

Week 11 Adrienne's 006_CROP

We always thought the saying “It’s a dog’s life” referred to a very difficult life, similar to “working like a dog.”  Maybe dogs did work hard for a living at one time when they were herding sheep or chasing wild game, but they now seem to have it pretty easy.  This is our conclusion based on the dogs we have met on this trip and especially our three “granddogs”, Roary, Olivia, and Belle (see photo above) who live with our daughter Adrienne and husband Al.  We thought that we would lead a life of leisure after retirement but our granddogs appear to have perfected leisure living.  We spent much of last week working on various home improvement projects at Adrienne and Al’s home in Henrico, Virginia, under the watchful eyes of our granddogs.  Their typical day consists mostly of laying on the couch, either awake or asleep, with occasional strolls in the backyard and walks with Adrienne or Al.  Roary and Olivia did come and visit us at our campground in Pocahontas State Park outside Richmond. They sniffed their way along the park trails, just like their hound ancestors did when they were actually earning a living.

Week 11 - Adrienne & Al 001_crop

Adrienne, Al, Olivia, and Roary at Beaver Lake in Pocahontas State Park

Week 11 Adrienne's 001_CROP

Ed and Roary take a break—Ed from painting and Roary from watching Ed paint

We were in the Richmond area all week but, other than our canine observations, we don’t have a lot to report.  As usual, Patty had us all working on home improvement projects (spreading mulch, weeding, interior painting, demolishing a greenhouse, miscellaneous organizing, etc.) but she has promised that we will do some sightseeing the next time we are in town.

Ed and Al did find time to see the Flying Squirrels play on Labor Day.  Here’s a quiz—are the Flying Squirrels:

a)      an alternative rock band,

b)      a favorite local nature sight, or

c)       a baseball team?

If you guessed baseball team you are correct.  The Richmond Flying Squirrels are a Double A minor league team associated with the San Francisco Giants.

Adrienne and Lindsay are on a coed volleyball team and we were able to watch them play last week.  We have watched most of their high school, club, and college volleyball matches in past years but this was the first time we had seen them play together on the same team.  Ed noted that volleyball watching was much improved by the draft beer that was available to spectators during the games.


Lindsay and Adrienne ten years ago at Eckerd College and last week prior to their coed volleyball match

We also celebrated Patty’s 57th birthday with a nice Cuban dinner at Kuba Kuba in Richmond and a vegan carrot cake made by Adrienne.

Week 11  Patty's B-day 001_CROP

Patty prepares to enjoy her birthday cake along with a glass of Metamucil.  [Please insert your own joke here.]

For the next month we will be camping in the mountains of western Virginia.  We expect that both our phone and internet service will be limited so our blogging schedule may be more erratic than normal.  Ed is looking forward to hiking and kayaking and Patty is hoping for rest and relaxation—we’ll let you know how this potential conflict is resolved.


4 thoughts on “It’s a Dog’s Life

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATTY! I often wonder who is narrating these posts or if both of you are in on it. My guess is that Ed wrote it this time (based on the Metamucil joke). One of you will have to keep this blog going, even after the trip is over – otherwise I’m not sure where I’ll look for my bit of humor, as I sort through all the junk in my inbox : )

    • Thanks for the birthday wish, I enjoyed it at Adrienne and Al’s house and Lindsay was there also so it was great to have everybody,

      Ed writes the blog every week and I just read it over and give my comments for approval. I must say he’s done a really good job and it saves us from emailing everyone about what’s happening and where we are. I, too, hope he continues to write once we land in Asheville, just have to wait and see..

      We are in southwest VA now in a federal campground in the middle of nowhere! No phone service, no TV but surprisingly we have internet, go figure.

      Hey are you on Facebook? Ed and I have a page but I mostly get on it and comment.

      Hope all is well with you and your family.



      On Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 4:19 PM, Livin' in a Trailer Down by the River

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