Our European Adventure

Week 7 Sackets Harbor 011

This week we passed through Russia, Poland and Holland.  We didn’t make it to Norway but we were only a few miles away. We also visited Copenhagen in Denmark.  During our travels we saw many modern windmills like the ones in the photo above.  No, we did not park the Airstream and hop a flight to Europe—our trip itinerary was thanks to our Garmin which routed us through upstate New York from Vermont to our next stop in Whetstone Gulf State Park, south of Watertown, NY.  The places we visited were villages and towns, for example, Copenhagen is a village located, appropriately, in the town of Denmark.  This trip was probably the closest we will get to Europe anytime soon, especially with the Airstream.

Week 7 Sackets Harbor 004

Patty’s arm after the insect bite

Week 7 Sackets Harbor 005

Ed enjoys a War of 1812 Ale overlooking Sackets Harbor

Arriving at Whetstone Gulf, we stopped to fill up our water tank and Patty was stung on her arm, probably by a blackfly.  Her arm quickly swelled up and by the next morning Patty knew she had cellulitis that required antibiotics.  As a result, we spent much of the next morning waiting in an urgent care center in Watertown and then waiting to pick up a prescription.  The good news is that we decided to go to Sackets Harbor, a quaint historic village on Lake Ontario just west of Watertown.  Sackets Harbor was the center of US naval operations on Lake Ontario during the War of 1812 and, more importantly, is now the home of Sackets Harbor Brewing Company, where we spent an enjoyable afternoon overlooking the harbor.

The next day, despite her cellulitis and increased fear of insects, Patty agreed to go on a hike along the rim of Whetstone Gulf, a 3-mile long gorge cut into the Tug Hill Plateau, similar to Watkins Glen (see 7/20/13 blog).  The signs at the beginning of the trail (see below) didn’t improve Patty’s enthusiasm for the hike.

PicMonkey Collage

Based on the signs, we could possibly fall off a cliff or be hit by falling rocks,  accidentally shot by a hunter, or attacked by bears.  Fortunately, we survived and here’s a photo of the gorge:

Week 7 Lye Brook_Whetstone 043

As mentioned in last week’s blog, last weekend was Sisters’ Weekend which Patty spent with three of her four sisters.  They had a good time attending a local fund-raising fair, visiting Stratton Mountain and shopping in Brattleboro.  They also had a nice visit with their cousins Steve and Elizabeth who traveled from their home in New Hampshire.  Here are a couple of photos from the weekend:


Denise, Cynthia, Patty, Cousin Elizabeth, and Eleanor

Week 7 Lye Brook_Whetstone 031

A beautiful end to Sisters’ Weekend–sunset from the deck of Eleanor’s Vermont house

As Sisters’ Weekend wrapped up, Ed was able to get in one more hike to Lye Brook Falls near Manchester, VT.  He worked on his artistic photography to get the fuzzy-looking water effect that is a favorite of waterfall photographers.  Here’s the result:

Week 7 Lye Brook_Whetstone 008

Until next week and wherever our Garmin takes us…

4 thoughts on “Our European Adventure

  1. Patty and Ed,
    I’m thoroughly enjoy your blog! What a great memory you will have when it’s all done. I always look forward to reading it . Great sense of humor you two have ; )


    • Yes, and the photo had an f-stop of f/29 and a shutter speed of 1/4 second. I believe I used the “shutter priority” setting on my camera that allows you to pick a shutter speed and the f-stop is automatically adjusted. I’ll need to work on this more at the next waterfall.

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