Simplify, simplify…

This week’s blog title is a famous quote from Henry David Thoreau.  Ed became a big fan of Thoreau a few years ago when he read Walden for the first time and he has been quoting him ever since.  Now, living in a trailer down by the river would seem to be a good attempt to simplify your life, however, we currently are moving our trailer every four or five days—this is not so simple.

Vermont week 5 001

Our carpets and miscellaneous stuff, attempting to dry

For example, while moving our trailer from Cayuga Lake in New York to our new campground in Vermont, a leak occurred in our water system.  This would be a minor problem except for the fact that we left our water pump on during the trip and it did a great job of pumping every drop of the water in our tank into our Airstream.  When we arrived, Patty entered the trailer and found that all our carpets were soaked.  To complicate matters, it rained all night and the next day which made drying the carpets a challenge.  Also, we inadvertently left the back of our SUV open overnight so we found that miscellaneous items there were also soaked.  Two days later everything was almost dry and Patty, ever the optimist, says our trailer floor has never been so clean.

Vermont week 5 014

Winhall Brook after the rain–little kids were tubing here the previous day

While our continuous traveling leads to many complications, we did stay in a Waldenesque campground in Vermont, Winhall Brook.  Located where Winhall Brook meets the West River just east of the Green Mountains, this campground was built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers along with a couple of dams for flood control downstream.

The first day in a new campground Ed always checks to see what broadcast TV stations we can get by adjusting our antenna (we confess—we watch more TV than we should) and at this location there were none.  Then we set our FM tuner to “Seek” and that’s all it did—it never found a station.  Needless to say, we were forced to “simplify” but it was an enjoyable experience.  Our days typically consisted of hiking or biking and evenings usually started with a game of Scrabble (old-school Words With Friends) followed by reading.  Here are a few photos from Vermont:

Vermont week 5 028

Patty on the West River Trail

Vermont week 5 036

Where’s the moose? This is our only Vermont wildlife photo.

Vermont week 5 042_crop

Along the West River

Vermont week 5 047

Ed on one of the “Dumplings” in the West River. White-water kayakers “play” around these large boulders in the fall when water is released from the upstream dam.

Vermont week 5 060

Harrison Falls in Jamaica State Park

Thoreau was sometimes criticized because Walden Pond was about a mile from Concord, Massachusetts, not exactly the wilderness that he wrote about so eloquently.  In the interest of full disclosure, the Winhall Brook campground is about nine miles from Stratton Mountain Ski Resort so it’s hardly wilderness either.  In fact, Tony (owner of Tony’s Pizza just down the road from the campground) said that during ski season there can be a 90-minute wait for pizza.  We can just imagine what the traffic is like on the two-lane roads during fall weekends when the leaves are changing.  But the Green Mountains of Vermont in the summer, during the week, are uncrowded, peaceful and…simple.

4 thoughts on “Simplify, simplify…

  1. Always entertaining! Must tell you, this flooding issue happened to us a few years ago! Learned the hard way to never travel with the water pump on… Got to Tampa and stepped back to flooded carpet also! We try to never leave it on when we leave the RV either!! Live and learn! Continue to have fun!

  2. Glad to see you all enjoyed VT…You apparently didn’t get up to Stowe where we reside…June was a record setting wet month with July not far behind…They don’t call it the green mountain state for nothing…You need to get up our way where it’s really beautiful and everyone has a french accent…

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